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Newsletter 06/2013

EPR015 - Weltenwandler - Departure Remixed LP
with Remix from Sascha Kloeber, Steve Cole and many more!

EPR015 - Weltenwandler - Departure Remixed LP Front EPR015 - Weltenwandler - Departure Remixed LP Back

Artist: Weltenwandler
Title: Departure Remixed
Katalog No.: EPR015
Label: Electrophil Records
Style: Techno / Tech House / Deep House

A couple of months after Weltenwandler's dark and moving debut LP "Departure", we are proud to present "Departure Remixed": 10 different producers take their spin on Weltenwandler's original tracks and guide them into realms from Deep House to Techno, from Neotrance to Techhouse.

Starting with Sascha Kloeber's incredible light and touching techhouse remix of the originally pretty sinister Limbo, the LP departs on a rather danceable note. Carried further into club territory by Atesh K. and his rattling Butterfly Defect remix. Franco Bianco and Fabian Schumann, no unknowns in the scene show why they are at the top of their class, presenting grooving versions of Departure and Citadel Of Light. Pickung up, Manu P develops his own house-inspired interpretation of "The Storm"; handing over to a bass heavy low-tempo variant of Quantum Leap from Cambo & Atom. Leading further, Steve Cole ft. Ronald Christophs soulfull remix of "A Place Without Time" and Mondkrater's Neotrance Remix of "Black Forest" are little rays of light and hope before plunging into the neverending darkness of Syntecs bass-heavy Shinto variation. Finishing with Homeward's incredible "Nightfall" Remix, this piece of pure unadultered analogue madness is setting the mood just right to let the listener know that now, Weltenwandler's debut Album has departed and found a more than fitting new home in the hands of those outstanding remixers.

Played & Supported by:
Richie Hawtin, Dominik Eulberg, DJ Misk (Radio Altroverso), We are Syndicate (unk.FM), Gare Mat K (Frisky Radio), PluginZine, Das Schöne Leben, DeepHouse.it


LÜTZENKIRCHEN - Awsome package, lots of favourites here with Atesh K. and Kloeber the strongest for me.
TASTER PETER - amazing pack!! in love with everything!
EKKOHAUS - Atesh K for me, thanx.
TONI RIOS - atesh k rmx for my set. thanx.
LIGHTWAVERADIO - 5 stars for us ...amazing EP / Great Work !
EUPHORIC MAGAZINE (INDIA) - Full support in the upcoming issue of Euphoric Magazine!

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EPR012 - Weltenwandler - Departure

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