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Its about making music that you feel. Its about telling stories without words.

Since he started making music in 2008, his main aim was to create something people could relate to, something that not only makes their feet but their minds move. Since then, Weltenwandler has been on a journey to find exactly this little spark, this little thing that ignites the listeners imagination, be it within electronica, melodic deep house or even aggressive techno.
After all, music is all about finding your own story.

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EPR012 - Weltenwandler -
Departure LP

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EPR010 - Weltenwandler & T.S.H. - Gegen die Zeit EP (inc. Weltenwandler & T.S.H. Remix)

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EPR008 - Weltenwandler - The Ruin EP (inc. T.S.H., Atesh K. & Aiden Remix)

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EPR005 - Weltenwandler - Glasperlenspiel EP (inc. Atesh K. & NonSenseCorporation Remix)

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